Our story

When we first launched Scandal Flavors in 2017, we wanted to change the vaping scene by giving our customers, amazing quality, handcrafted perfection with attention to detail and at the same time keep the final cost low for everyone to enjoy.

In essence, we wanted to create a series of products that everyone would be able to afford without sacrificing the luxury of a high standards product.

We believe in choice. Choice and freedom to taste whatever is available out there and we sat down and designed our product series with a large variety of flavors ranging from traditional tobacco to exotic fruits to products with REAL smoke extracts. We genuinely believe there is a flavor -or more- for all vape users out there in the scandal series. We did not stop creating new flavors and we are continuously looking to enhance our existing collection of products

All driven by our co-founder’s vision, a renowned chef Demetrios Postanidis, whose passion for food and cooking transpired to delicious recipes for vaping thus offering a true ‘gastronomical taste’ approach in our product series. A Chef whose passion became a fantastic journey of flavors, colors, and delicious results.

The Company

We are based in Athens, Greece. We enjoy the sunshine for around 10 months per year and this gives us the energy to come up with the craziest and more sophisticated flavors around!
We work together with our users and scientists to create the epitome of vaping experience in Europe and beyond. We strive to keep our work unique and smart with room for a little magic.
We are always on the lookout for B2B and resellers of our products. That being said we are looking for companies that uphold the same standards as ours. Integrity, Honesty, and above all Ethics.

The Lab

Deep down we are very passionate and romantic about our creations. However, we understood early on that in order to become the defacto standard in vape designs we had to step up our game in the tools of the trade we are using and the technology we utilize for our production.
This led us to the creation of a new, modern, and fresh state-of-the-art factory that complies with all the major standards required for food production and then some. We developed new methods to produce amazing quality products that taste and feel the same every moment, every time.

The Product

Our e-liquids are made with the utmost care using the highest quality of ingredients, giving you delicious, popping flavours that burst in your mouth with every puff. Let scandal’s e-liquids travel your senses, providing you with the ultimate vaping experience.


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